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Reviewer Conny Withay:Operating her own business in office management since 1991, Conny is an avid reader and volunteers with the elderly playing her designed The Write Word Game. A cum laude graduate with a degree in art living in the Pacific Northwest, she is married with two sons, two daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren.

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By Conny Withay
Published on May 23, 2014

Author: Beth Shriver
Publisher: Realms
ISBN: 978-1-62136-297-5

Author: Beth Shriver
Publisher: Realms
ISBN: 978-1-62136-297-5

He’d been curious about her from the first time they met at the accident, and now Ginger had created a bond between them. He’d felt a tug from the Lord to help her, but whether He had an objective beyond that, Mose was uncertain,” Beth Shriver explains in her novel, Healing Grace.

Third book in the Tough of Grace series, this three hundred and four page paperback book targets those who enjoy Christian romance involving the Amish. Since there are no profanities, questionable sex scenes, or innuendos, it is an ideal read for young preteen age or older females that love wholesome romantic stories. The topics of physical and mental abuse may not be apropos for naïve readers.

Readable as a stand-alone tome in the series, twenty year old Englisch Abby Barker’s life of hardship in Texas takes another turn for the worse after her mother has died and her father, a swindling horse trader, becomes more abusive verbally and physically.

When Abby and her father are involved in a car accident after she purchases a horse, twenty-two year old Amish Mose Fisher comes to their aid, helping them with the injured animal. Realizing there is an emotional bond between the young adults, Mose immediately notices the father’s rude, caustic behavior.

Later when the horse still has not healed from her injury, Abby asks Mose to tend to the animal. Knowing she is not Amish, the young man prays regularly for guidance as he falls more and more in love with the guarded woman.

After an altercation with her father, she flees to the only place of solace she knows: the Meadowlark Valley, an Amish community where Mose lives. Flourishing in the community, she must make important decisions that will change the course of her life, especially in regard to her controlling, jealous father.

As Mose continually asks the confused girl if there is anything wrong, she vacillates between friend and flirt, trying to find contentment and grace in her displaced life. Through learning the Amish ways, she must come to terms with her father’s abuse, her independent stubbornness, and feelings for Mose. In turn, he ponders if he should cross the line of his religious upbringing to help the girl that stirs new emotions in him.

As the bantering of love escalates between the two opposites, readers get caught up in typical another Amish tale that has a heroine who must look inward to find healing and peace.

Thanks to the author for furnishing this book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s opinion.

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