Author: F. Ethan Repp
ISBN: 9781622875016 
Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing

"Greatness is not measured by what a man or a woman accomplishes, but by the opposition he or she has overcome to reach his goals..." Dorothy Height, Civil rights activist. This fits the tone of the narrative so well that it felt as if it were part of the overall narrative as well, and needless to say that any reader would be sold on to this line because F. Ethan Repp has skillfully weaved a world that is full of intrigue, deceit and also shadow games that are part and parcel of politics everywhere in the world. The narrative teases and also excite a reader, but one has to admit that at times it may look like an unreal world, which may be somewhat correct as well because powerful men really can do what they want and that is exactly what distinguishes them from the lesser mortals! A reader would find this book, particularly after chapter 5, a very compelling read as it is very close to the reality of political circles.

The schemes, the ideas, the thinking processes and even the mannerisms are explored gleefully by the writer for the reader’s appetite. The characters have been given layers so it is highly unlikely to deduce what would happen next and indeed this is a great achievement for any writer. The characters use political vocabulary, but it is not theatrical at any stage. Dialogues between characters are meaningful and sharp which is a must for such a book.

Another good aspect of the book is its sharp editing, so the book never bores one down with either unnecessary details or lowbrow humor. But here are a few things to keep in mind, although the writer has tried to keep the tone of the book such that it is palatable to almost all age groups, yet adults with hardcore political leanings, probably journalists, would enjoy it more. There is one more plus point that a reader would acknowledge and that is that reading it makes one feel like a friendly intruder or someone who gets to see the inside mechanisms without the usual dictums of the world. Content wise, the book is good, character wise it is excellent and information wise it is good. The book does not run into hundreds of pages, so the reading is crisp and not at all boring at any stage. In short, for those looking for a political thriller may well check out this book for sure!

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