Title: A Bee Named Bea and Other Poems
Author: Candace A. Dietz
Illustrator: Virginia J. Rost
Publisher: Mixed Media Memoirs
ISBN: 978-1494220822

A bee name Bea
Said Mercy me –
Everyone’s afraid of me!
When I try to be a friendly bee
They zoom away and let me be –
Just me, Bea, by myself.”

Candace A. Dietz writes in her children’s book, A Bee Named Bea and Other Poems.

Targeted toward children two years old and older who like poems about animals, insects, and a little girl, this unnumbered fifty-two page over-sized paperback has large, bright watercolor illustrations by Virginia Rost. With no scary or violent scenes, designs are spread throughout the pages with easy-to-read font wording against usually solid backgrounds.

With each poem covering two to four pages, all provide a personal name in the title that the child can recall later such as a bunny named Paul, a cow called Sue, and penguin named Patrick.

Readers learn tales about Dickie the bird who gets sick eating too much, a butterfly named Arin who cannot sit still, Larry the canary that rings a bell to make noise, a crab named Connor who wants to grow up, and Quinn, the dolphin who counts.

Some lessons gleaned are rules for safely playing by holding on to bike handles, using a quiet voice, changing a sneer into a smile, applying sunscreen if out in the sun, taking baths to stay clean, and, most importantly, remembering that love matters.

One favorite might be “A Goose Named Grace” about a nice goose who shared all her toys with others until she received a pretty doll buggy, which she kept to herself, putting it away when friends came to play. When she was past three years old, she willingly shared her buggy with others.

With each poem dealing with a problem, the emphasis on how to circumvent, change, or accept it is promoted in a positive, helpful way. By teaching children how to act, behave, and treat others, Dietz hones in on vital life lessons that can be taught early in life.

From whimsical or light-hearted to silly or sensitive, not only children will enjoy reading the poems again, adults may smile, realizing how clever and charming the rhymes are as they encourage friendship, individuality, sharing, and kindness.

Thanks to KSB Promotions for furnishing this book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.

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