Author: Lisa Brown

Genre:  Historical Fiction

Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing

ISBN: Paperback 9781622875030; ebook 9781622875047

The book by Author Lisa Brown is the story of a woman to whom destiny has been unforgiving and cruel. Her trials, her sorrows and her constant need of putting on a brave front have steeled her heart (or it seems) but has it really?

Although the setting is 1901, and the way it has been brought in front of us readers is very realistic yet, I would say that the writer has given a very feisty and thoughtful persona to the leading lady. But even here she has a surprise; her leading lady is not some superwoman, she, in fact, is a very ‘real being’ whom one sees around every day. It is this down-to-earth approach that makes the heroine very likeable to a modern day woman. The writer has worked very well in bringing out a woman’s point of view to the fore and her grasp at emotional scenes is strong. But here is another side to it, it is likely that some people, perhaps those looking for easy-breezy romances, may find this aspect of analyzing and over analyzing a little tedious. But it is an intelligent work and the writer has shown excellent command of digging deep within the protagonist when she is feeling down.

Another wonderful aspect of the book is excellent editing which gives a reader perfect ‘tight-read’, so no frivolous useless details or frills and frolics to mar the speed at which the narrative unfolds. In the end, when she finally accepts her fate, it is neither forced nor coerced out from her; in fact the end is the best part of the book, humane and subtle. The protagonist is firmly in control of her own destiny and does not bow to any pressure. She finally accepts not just in front of her love but also makes peace with her own self with a message that it is alright to celebrate life and love and that it is fine to let go of past and to seek happiness.

The narrative is excellent; it is one of the major highlights of the book. The writer has subtly used stream of consciousness where she felt like but nowhere does it bore a reader. For people looking for intelligent work, this one surely is the one to read. In fact, this is a novel that can cater to almost all age groups (teenagers included) and celebrates a woman’s power in charting her own course in life. Hence, I would say that it deserves at least a one-time read for sure.

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