Author: Ardiana Bani

Publisher: Ardiana Bani

ISBN: 9780981320021

                                                  The Law of Attraction Modified

The book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne changed the discourse in the life coach industry. It brought in a wave of aspiring people who would offer their services without having the requisite expertise to solve all kinds of problems, apart from the formula which says that all they have to do is to feel positive about their problem and to keep negative emotions at bay. Essentially meaning “to fake it until you make it”. This kind of thinking has serious problems associated with it, as it is much easier said than done to keep those pesky emotions at arms length and prevent them from toxifying our lives. In this book, the author brings in another perspective to restore balance and harmony within our souls in order to offset the changes wrought by giving in to an oversimplified interpretation of the Law of Attraction in which one assesses his/her progress by virtue of the results.

The solution that Ardiana Bani proposes in this book when strict adherence to the Law of Attraction does not work, is based on another law, The Law of Destiny. The author likens Destiny to a force permeating our lives; an undercurrent of Life that will take us to where we have, at some major initial stage, decided to go. Calling this undercurrent “God”, she says “God as our creator has given us skills and talents, to function, survive and thrive (in order to) fulfill our destiny using (them) ….Destiny could be a force that initiates other chain reactions, by firstly exciting centers in our body and brain which afterwards generate individual emotions, passions, goals and desires.”

Combining this perspective of our Destiny with that of the Law of Attraction where “like attracts like”, the author says that “....the Law of Attraction does not go against anyone’s destiny. Therefore, if a predetermined  force like destiny is already being applied in one’s life, then the Law of Attraction will match this individual with events that will go along with his/her destiny”. So, according to the author, the job of the Law of Attraction life-coach, or the individual who works alone, is to let go and trust that the flow will take him/her wherever he/she desires to go. To concretize her method, she presents a four step formula which she elaborates in this book, illustrating with well chosen examples from her own life and those of her clients.

The book is a relatively fast and easy read and the text is clear, coherent and lucid in its content. If I may mention one blemish, it is that one notices that English is not the author’s first language, (the author corroborates this). However, that does not make the book less readable, or the content less valuable.

Warmly recommended.

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