Author: Regine Stokke
Publisher: Zest Books LLC
ISBN: 978-1-936976-01-0

“I’ve fought and fought; I’ve done everything possible, and at this point there’s nothing left to do. If the disease doesn’t loosen its grip, it won’t be long before it sucks me down. I’m scared to death, and sad,” Regine writes in her blog-adapted book, Regine’s Book – A Teen Girl’s Last Words.

At three hundred and thirty-six glossy pages, this paperback targets those who loved the girl behind her worldwide blog about her illness, those facing the daunting disease of leukemia, or those curious about dying at a young age. With minor profanity and topics discussing effects of medications, medical issues, and death, it would be geared toward mature readers. Many colored photographs of the beautiful girl, her family, and friends, along with her artistic creations and poems grace the pages. 

When seventeen year old Regine Stokke in Norway heard she had a lethal form of leukemia, she did her best to overcome it. Going through numerous painful bone marrow biopsies, intense chemotherapies, a bone marrow transplant, over four Vidaza cycles, and three bouts of blood poisoning, she fought back with determination, only to succumb to the horrible disease fifteen months later.

Blogging as often as her worn down body could handle, she had over nine thousand internet followers, who sometimes posted up to seventeen hundred responses. Her book adds others’ posts of encouragement, love, and hope as well as a few insensitive, hurtful comments with her responses. 

Reflecting on her young life of family, friends, and school, her posts reflect both positive and negative mood swings as she deals with each stage of the invasive cancer. Lonely, broken, and crying, the writer pours out her soul in short poems, art work, and written notes.

Throughout the writing, types of leukemia are explained, along with several medical treatments. The young teenager promotes others to become blood or bone marrow donors, but there are no resources listed at the end of the book. 

Rallying or relapsing, she fights to experience life as a normal teen by going to rock concerts, flying in a helicopter, or taking short trips. Toward the end of life, she accepts the reality of death, as sad and heart-breaking as it is.

Mentioning more than once, Regine had no faith in God or belief in an afterlife. One hopes this young, brave girl found the Peace that passes all understanding before she met her Maker or that others, because of her book, seek Him for redemption.

Zest Books LLC furnished a complimentary book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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