Author: Elizabeth Ludwig
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 978-0-7642-1041-9

No. Braedon’s death, and that of her baby, were her punishment, and no penance, no matter how severe, would ever be enough. Wasn’t Captain Morgan’s reappearance proof of that? What other reason could there be for his coming except that God wanted to remind her of her guilt?” Tillie asks in Elizabeth Ludwig’s novel, Tide and Tempest.

At three hundred and sixty-eight pages, this paperback targets readers that enjoy historical fiction with wholesome romance. Third in the “Edge of Freedom” series, it is a stand-alone read although knowing background information about the characters in prior books would be helpful. The ending includes acknowledgements, the author’s biography, and advertisements for other books written.

In this tome, twenty-one year old Tillie McGrath tries to forget what happened two years ago, when her fiancé died on the boat crossing from Ireland to America. However, when Captain Keondric Morgan visits her at the boardinghouse where she lives in New York, she is confused and cautioned learning about the past. 

Captain Morgan, nine years older than Tillie, has a guilty conscience not informing the young lass what he was told at the deathbed of the doctor that cared for her betrothed; he also hides his amorous feelings for the beautiful girl.

With the captain’s brother, Cass, in tow, he warns Tillie that her fiancé was murdered. Sheltering secrets of her own past in Ireland, the woman initially does not feel threatened until others are attacked and harmed on her behalf. 

While remembering that God never closes one door without opening another, the three work together to figure why one man died; the chain reaction started when she is the last one at his side.

Dealing with a group of Irishmen who want to keep their land free, even across the Atlantic, a vendetta follows the woman that knows the least but has the most determination and courage. As the brothers jealously vie for the young lady’s attention, love, honor, and forgiveness find roots into broken hearts. 

With much Irish conversation and manners, Tillie and those from the prior two books uncover the past where many families’ pains become the seeds of revenge.

Tedious at times, Ludwig is true to her thorough, detailed account of life in America where bloodlines and loyalty mix the past and present.

Thanks to Bethany House for furnishing this book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.

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