Author: Karen O’Connor
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-7369-5382-5

I trust God is smiling right along with us as we stumble into those awkward moments  that are common to all of us as we grow older, wiser, and more real regarding how we look and what we say. It’s okay to make a mistake or to misstep,” Karen O’Connor writes in her book, God Bless My Senior Moments.

This small, pocket-sized paperback contains one hundred and forty-six pages dedicated to readers in the senior age group. With no profanity, it is a collection of short prayers to God about one realizing old age is in full force. Using the New International Version of the Bible and the Living Bible, this reader wishes all pronouns of Deity were capitalized for reverence.

Written as one to three sentences of prayers with two to three to a page, there is an introduction with no table of contents or topical division of prayers. Mixed together, humor and inspiration cover the pages, ending with advertisements of three other books by the author. Having no organization and no index, the reader must view each prayer separately to determine its theme.

Here are some samples of random prayers:

What a blessing, dear God, to lean on you even while I use a cane. You’re the best and true security.”

Lord, thank you for saving me a big oops by reminding me to make sure my shoes match before I walked out the door.”

I know how to handle these memory lapses, Lord. Start leaving myself reminder notes. Now if I’ll just remember to read them.”

God, I see my reflection in the mirror and it’s pretty shocking. I’m glad I’m still around, but next time I’ll take off my glasses before I look at myself.”

Dear God, some senior moments aren’t all that funny to those of us who have them. They’re an indicator that we’re growing old. I guess that’s a good thing since few people live long enough to enjoy the privilege.”

This small book may work as a daily devotional for a senior to read one prayer a day. However, do to the aging having trouble reading small print, this reader plans to share out loud tidbits to a retirement community weekly but wishes there were delineated sections of comedy, spirituality, and love to make it easier when selecting prayers.

Thanks to Harvest House Publishers for furnishing this book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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