Authors: Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 978-0-310-33464-4

“Your holographic image will appear to every person on the planet, wherever they happen to be situated – in deserts, cities, jungles, or on a mountain top. Our global GPS locator will target each of them via their BIDTag laser implants,” Colliquin is assured in Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall’s novel, Mark of Evil.

The fourth and final book in the End Series, this four hundred and fourteen page hardbound book targets those interested in the end times, after the Rapture has occurred and the Tribulation is in full swing. With no profanity or overtly sexual scenes, the violence and torture would make it unsuitable for immature readers. The New American Standard Bible is used mainly along with the New International Version.

In this tome, Ethan March has become the leader of the Jesus Remnant in its quest to resist the Global Alliance, run by Romanian Alexander Colliquin. Publicizing that the huge amount of Christians did not disappear and were involved in a planned mass suicide in remote areas around the globe, the Alliance is on track to take over world domination.

Working again with the beautiful Rivka Reuban, a former Israeli spy, Ethan and his team of underground connections plan to expose the altered video tape of the missing Christians while they try to arrange a rogue computer network to survive.

Refusing the international BIDTag identification, the nontaggers find ways to get around the drone-bots, cop-bots, and AllView devices to stay alive. Having inside sources in the Alliance’s digital imagery organization, they keep track of the seven smart cards that control the world’s internet and worldwide web.

With all countries except for America, Canada, and England agreeing to Colliquin’s plan of complete allegiance, the Remnant must stay one step ahead of the new laws and regulations.When the Two Witnesses in Israel arrive on the scene, God’s power is proven as more are converted to Christ.

Based on only the first half of the Tribulation from Revelation, a strong Christian-based America exists with hope to defeat the Alliance. As more people realize Christ is the only answer, the stage is set for the Lord’s upcoming battle against the Anti-Christ and Satan.

As a lengthy read, flipping chapters from Hong Kong, the Yukon, New Babylon, Iraq, to Utah and others may often confuse readers. A listing of the myriad of characters at the beginning of the book would aid immensely. 

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