Author: Diana Holquist
ISBN: 9780446197052
Publisher: Forever (Hachette Book Group)

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Author Diana Holquist is as entertaining as her books. According to her, she is a cat person, a horrible cook, hasn’t owned a television since 1999, owns only two pairs of earrings and dress shoes, and has a philosophy degree from Columbia University. Other titles include: Hungry For More, Sexiest Man Alive, and Make Me A Match. She resides in upstate New York with her family.

Ally Giordano was raised by her grandmother after her parents abandoned her for more interesting prospects. Spending her whole life looking at strangers faces in the off chance they may be them, she has now decided to relocate from New York to California, accept a teaching position, and move on. Except, her beloved grandmother most recently thinks she is living in her favorite Regency romance novel, and her doctors aren’t sure if she’ll ever know reality again. Worse, Granny Donny is positive that she has found Ally a Duke to save her from spinsterhood and intends to have a great ball in the country to woo them together. Commitment-phobic Sam Carson is intrigued by Granny Donny but not at all interested in good girl, Ally. He likes his women naughty and disposable. That is, until he kisses her, and now he is determined to strip away her layers to see the real woman underneath. Can a playboy and a good girl hit it off and find love? Granny Donny sure thinks so.

If you want a feel good book to bring you out of your normal life, whether it be the kids, work, or anything else, this book is it. If chapter two doesn’t have you rolling on the floor laughing so hard you’re in tears, then there is something very, very wrong with you. As ridiculously funny as it is clever, you won’t be able to put it down. The sweet moments were endearing, the dialog crafty, and the setting was catching. Lovers of historical romance will get a kick out of this and contemporary romance fans will find it delightful. I can truly appreciate a book where the secondary characters are as lovable as the main ones. You’ll fall in love with Granny Donny, June, and Mateo. Guaranteed. From a medical standpoint though, I’m not so sure about the reason for Granny’s delusion or the medical advice to heal her. Just a thought.

How to Tame a Modern Rogue, by Diana Holquist, is a wild, wacky, grand flee from reality.

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