Authors: Gini Gentry, Lee McCormick, Francis Rico, Kelly Sullivan Walden

Publisher: Agape Media International

ISBN: 978-1-4019-4424-7

                                              A Holographic Learning Experience

This product is not just a book and a DVD put together. It is also supplemented by an assortment of effective activation exercises, meditations (downloadable) and affirmations, carefully designed to maximize the experience of visiting the ancient Toltec site of Teotihuacan for the interested reader who plans on visiting the above site.and also for those who do not, but would like to share the experience anyway.

This book was born out of a movie that was filmed on a visit to Teotihuacan by a group of about twenty people, three of whom were shamans who acted as guides. Feedback from the movies’ screening groups led to the creation of this book as people wished to “pause the movie to take time to process my feelings and thoughts”. One of the participants, Kelly Sullivan Walden took up the challenge of creating a book, not only as a companion to the film, but also as a supplement, intended to convey the inner work that made the journey so very memorable. In this effort, she is also joined by the three shamans, Gini, Rico and Lee, who made the journey with her.

The ancient site of Teotihuacan can be translated as “The Place Where Man Became God”, or Teo as the locals call it, is a vast archaeological site, thirty miles northeast of Mexico city, containing temples and pyramids built in pre-Columbian America. It’s principal structures include

1) The Plaza of Hell and Temple of Quetzalcoatl

2) The Avenue of the Dead

3) The Plaza of Earth

4) The Plaza of the Women

5) The Plaza of Water

6) The Plaza of Air

7) The Plaza of Fire

8) The Plaza of Recollection

9) The Pyramid of the Moon

10)The Plaza of the Jaguar

11)The Pyramid of the Sun

When the journey to the site began, the participants were required to leave behind a particular aspect. of their lives at each stage of the holy site. At the first stage, they were made to shed identification with their bodies, at a later stage, they were asked to detach themselves from the ebb and flow of their emotions, later still, they were asked to stand aside and be free of their mental constructs of the world and their belief systems. Another step involved a giving up of their objects of inspiration and aspirations. Each chapter of the book deals with an account of this successive purging process, of giving up the known and being willing to trust the unknown. This is done as a commentary in four voices, Kelly’s being the first, followed by a more detailed discussion by the three shamans. This discussion is followed by suggestions for activation exercises, affirmations, thoughts for contemplation and meditation. It is suggested that the book be studied over a twelve week period for optimal assimilation, one chapter for each week.

At the end of this journey after doing the internal work, the participants were left with a clear and euphoric sense of their innermost selves, anchored in the Now, its incredible lightness of being and its enhanced sense of freedom. With this enriched sense of Self, they make their way back to the world of bills and commitments, to once again “chop wood and carry water”.

According to this book, the journey to Teotihuacan, if undertaken in the right spirit, can be potentially life-changing. This aspect of the same has been brought out very clearly in the inputs by  the group leaders, who have made the journey several times without tiring. Some tidbits from the book,

Rico:”Every time I guide a journey to Teotihuacan, I have the experience that every eye opening is my own eye...every heart beating is my heart beating...everything breathing crawling, flying….every bit of it is me- alive.”

Lee:”When you come home, you’ll find you’re hit in the face with how inauthentic so much of your life really is”.

Gini:”Our lives up to this point have been wholly unconscious. Reclaiming and  merging with our own ray of light offers us the opportunity to have a conscious rebirth and claim total responsibility for our lives from here forward”.

All in all, integrated Native American wisdom at its best.

Strongly recommended.

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