Author: Vicki Hinze
Publisher: Magnolia Leaf Press
ISBN: 978-1939016065

Great. I messed up my old life, my death, my life, and I dragged a lot of others into the mess with me. Batting a thousand,” Daisy ponders in Vicki Hinze’s novel, Down and Dead in Dixie.

Part of the Down and Dead, Inc. series, this two hundred and sixty-seven page paperback targets those who like a mystery mixed with romance and humor. With no profanity except for using the word “hell” in reference to the location, the clean-cut read has minor violence and no overtly sexual scenes, making it appropriate for mature teenagers to adults.

Written in first person, Daisy Grant knows what it is like to have a bad day. As the only witness to a drive-by shooting of the son of one of two family rival gangs in Biloxi, Mississippi, she is not only afraid for her life, she is mad she ruined her new heeled shoes that gave her blisters working as a restaurant hostess. Dutifully reporting the killing to the police, she becomes the main target when she identifies the two shooters.

Being a foster child for years, she knows she must protect her younger brother by keeping the thugs at bay and fleeing where no one can find her. With the help of a quirky, eccentric neighbor, she presumes she has skirted both the cops trying to get her to testify and hooligans who want her dead, only to arrive at the doorstep of an unknowing but handsome friend of her sibling’s.

Afraid if she prays to God the wrong way He will be mad at her, she must shed her past fears of abandonment when her mother left her brother and her at a convenience store when she was little. Cautious to commit in relationships and trust others, she is not the only one seeking for a bridge leading to redemption and hope.

Cherishing the Grant half-dollar coin her mother gave her the day she left, the young woman tries ardently to protect anyone in her path from those that want to do harm as she tries to stay one step ahead of mobsters and lawmen.

Although the storyline is sometimes unrealistic due to today’s advance technologies, Daisy’s personality of sassiness, self-awareness, and insecurity shines through as she finds both friendship and love in the South while trying to stay alive more than once.

This book was furnished by The Book Club Network, Inc. in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.

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