Author: Douglas Glenn Clark 
ISBN: 978-143824380

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The Lake That Stole Children: A Fable is a novella in fable format that combines Pinocchio, The Pied Piper, Jonah, and the prodigal son.

The story takes place in a small village where children disappear. No one knows why and no one seems to investigate. The families and neighbors simply accept the loss with sadness and silence. On the edge of town lives a fisherman and his family. He is careless with the hearts of his loved ones, from whom he expects complete obedience. Tilly, his daughter tries hard to obey; his son Tyler is rebellious. The fisherman doesn't care about the difficulties in town until Tyler rebels and then disappears.

Unlike the town folk, the fisherman searches for his lost son, although no one will help him. He almost dies saving Tyler and all of the village's missing children. He returns from his brush with death, a different man -- a kind and understanding man who's not afraid to show his love.

It's a quick read and the language is delightful. The language almost suggests poetry; it's lyrical without being flowery. Underneath the intense imagery is the simple moral that parents must temper discipline with love.

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