Author: Ronald Glanz
Publisher: Ronald Glanz
ISBN: 9781490368795

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Seeing the picture triggered my memories of Moon Pond, which triggered some random stored facts about Grandpa, which, in turn, triggered something that happened at Grandma’s funeral well over, what is it now, twenty years ago,” Rich explains in Ronald Glanz’s novel, Irongate.

At two hundred and eight-eight pages, this paperback targets those who enjoy romance with intrigue and mystery of the past, dating back to the early nineteen hundreds. With some profanity but no violent or overtly sexual scenes, it would be geared toward mature teenage and adult readers. This reader found the many punctuation and grammatical errors distracting.

In this debut tome, recently divorced Richard Greenlaw has been laid off from his mechanical engineering job so returns to his hometown in Benton Harbor, Michigan to visit his parents. En route, he stops and takes a tour at the newly opened Eastwick Mansion.

With his ex-wife nagging him about child support of his two teenaged children who no longer want anything to do with him, the man in his mid-forties feels lost and alone as he walks inside the mansion, only to be captivated by a peculiar photograph of a summer home. Recalling from his childhood memories of fishing with his grandpa at Moon Pond, he is convinced of the location of the old house.

On his second visit to the town’s historic mansion, he meets Patricia Howell, the beautiful tour guide who, through his match-making mother’s ploys, hires the unemployed divorcee to be a handyman on the grounds.

Off to a rocky relationship start, the two banter, quip, and tease each other with campy and quirky dialogue, hiding their true feelings. With ulterior motives, Rich uses his new-found job position to learn more about the history of the mansion and its wealthy owners while he wonders if there is room in his heart for a new relationship.

As the two learn more about the mansion’s secrets, past relationships of deceit, lies, and misunderstandings shed the true light of love that lasts centuries, giving hope to two souls looking for redemption.

Written from a detailed, analytical engineer’s mind, Glanz covers his bases of history during the early to late twentieth century, including Edison’s phonograms, antique cars, and fax machines while focusing on a lifetime of lasting love.

This book was furnished by The Book Club Network Inc. in exchange for the reader’s honest opinion.

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