AUTHOR: Jane Green

PUBLISHER: St. Martin’s Press

ISBN: 978-0-312-59184-7

In Tempting Fate, Gabby Cartwright seems to have it all. She’s been married for 18 years to husband Elliott. They have two young daughters, Olivia and Alanna. It’s all very pleasant – very comfortable. Then, on a night out with her girlfriends, Gabby meets a handsome stranger and her world is turned upside down. Suddenly, “comfortable” is the last thing she wants.

Gabby’s not the type of person to be tempted to stray. She knows it, and all of her friends know it. But there’s something special about Matt, a highly-successful media mogul 10 years her junior. Their conversation leaves her breathless and feeling young and desirable again, in ways she’d long forgotten. Talking to Matt reminds her that she’s not only a wife or mother (though there’s nothing wrong with that) – she’s also a woman.

It begins with that first innocent conversation. He’s not romantically interested, Gabby rationalizes. This isn’t flirting, she tells herself. And even when they extend the conversation beyond the one time, staying in dangerous but provocative touch by email, it’s harmless, she convinces herself. It’s not going to be anything more than a friendship…until it becomes much more.

New York Times bestselling author Jane Green has crafted a story that’s compelling from the first paragraph till the last, blending humor with realistic characters and life situations that many will find intriguing and perhaps even closer to home than they may want to admit. The novel explores the “what ifs” of relationships including “what if” you met a stranger who made you realize you’ve been lacking something – “what if” something happened to rock the security of your marriage? Would it be worth it? What is the emotional price to pay?

On the surface, Tempting Fate may seem like a book about an affair - something that’s certainly been done before. But that’s just the tip of the wholly fascinating literary iceberg. It’s a study of humanity. Though the main focus is on Gabby and how the situation impacts her, good and bad, Tempting Fate explores middle age for both men and women, as well as how a husband and children, and even friends, can be touched as the result of what started as an innocent flirtation. Green has a knack for writing characters of either sex and of any age. The book may be a wake-up call for marriages or relationships, but it’s also fun and exciting and highly romantic as well.

Green has 14 bestsellers behind her, and number 15 is surely next, with the release of Tempting Fate

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