Author: Kelly Moran
Publisher: Lulu
ISBN: 10: 057800593X: 13:978-0578005935

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Most of us have spent at least a little time considering the afterlife. Regardless of your belief system, none of us really knows what we'll find after death. According to Kelly Moran's fictional novella Idle Thursday, we're mostly the same in death as we are in life.

Moran's short story follows a woman from the day of her unexpected death until just after her funeral. We read all of the mundane details of her normal life. Most of us will identify quickly with the dead housewife, who has a witty but dry sense of humor.

The opening sentence is provocative and perfect. At that moment, you'll know whether you're going to like the story or not. The trip is often humorous and poignant. You'll laugh and cry. It might even make you think. I read the short story in one sitting and often found myself wondering just what feat of magic the author would perform to end the story. I expected the paradoxical ending. Most people will probably enjoy the ending, but it was less than satisfying for me -- it's a good ending, I just wanted real resolution.  

Technically, this simple story is well written and creative. This quick read requires very little investment on the reader's part, and returns more than you might expect.

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