Author: Devara Thunderbeat

Publisher: Balboa Press


                                                A Journey of Self Discovery

This book chronicles the journey of Devara Thunderbeat and her mission as she moves through her extraordinary life. It is a gripping story, chock full of serendipitous encounters, instances of synchronicity and also periods of missing time.

This book has been a long time in the making. The author mentions right at the outset, “I have wanted to write this book for many years but the angels kept saying “Not yet”. In January 2013, the doorway opened to reveal the truth about extraterrestrials, angels and ascended masters.” She further states, “It took many years for me to understand my connection with ETs and angels. All of my encounters have been positive ones, the negative experiences  are false and made up by Hollywood. This is one of the reasons why I am writing this book, to stop the fear and lies about our Star family”.

Like many others, Lorna Byrne, being a prominent example, the author is clearly on a mission to tell us the truth about ETs and angels and the role they have to play in the process of awakening humanity and helping in the ascension process. To that end, it is clear that the phenomenal number of synchronicities experienced by the author, would, a couple of decades ago, have been dismissed as wishful melodramatic hogwash. Today, courtesy the plethora of books and information on the subject, many more readers and writers alike, some cautiously and some less so, are rejoicing in and reclaiming the freedom of their own multidimensional existence.

In a sense,this book describes an identity seeking process. The author describes her first experience with ETs as a four year old. As she grew older,she could see UFOs in the sky, but personal experiences with them were to come only later. She realized that she enjoyed playing  drums and she practised diligently, finally landing a job in a band as a percussionist, despite a bias in the same profession against women.

Her work with drums took her to Florida where she underwent several instances of missing time. Later on, she discovered what actually transpired during these incidents during a hypnotherapy   session with Dolores Cannon. By this time, she had also learnt Reiki and the use of crystals and herbs in healing. She is “instructed” to go to Egypt and the trip turns out to be very fulfilling, she accessed some past lives there and acquired the inspiration to create a CD aimed at healing chakras. The journey to Egypt is followed by a journey to Mayan country, where she also uncovers past lives as a Mayan priestess. The journey to Mayan country is also the source of inspiration for another CD, the Mayan Landing. Both the Chakra CD and the Mayan Landing CD went on to become bestsellers and also awarded with high honors. During this time, Devara also adopts her Native American name “Thunderbeat”.

After her trip to Mayan country, Devara is advised to move to the intensely spiritual confines of Sedona, Arizona. She makes the move with her dog, Sheba, also acquired by a “coincidental” encounter. Here she gets to work in giving out her music and also addresses events held there. After several adventures, synchronicities and also peer-recognition, she takes a trip under hypnosis to a spaceship from Sirius, where she uncovers the reason for this incarnation.

This book has been  written in very simple and direct prose. So, if you are looking for agonizing dilemma solving, and other elements of melodrama, this is not the book for you. Devara has the    sense to, when in doubt, follow her inner guidance, and it does not let her down. Her way of negotiating troublesome situations using that guidance makes fascinating reading. This book is also extremely instructive as a handbook on how to deal with ET’s and other aliens.

This book could sound New Age-y, but it is more a mix on listening to one’s intuitive voice and Native American wisdom. Needless to say, the author has had past lives as a Native American.

Warmly recommended.

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