Author: Sharon Srock

I think if you don’t do what God’s urging you to do, you’re going to look back on this moment and regret it for the rest of your life,” Diana is told by her dear friend in Sharon Srock’s novella, For Mercie’s Sake.

At fifty-six pages, this short e-book targets readers who enjoy a tender yet heart-breaking tale of love and redemption that can be read in approximately an hour. With no profanity, detailed violence, or overt sex scenes, the topic of rape and having a baby out of wedlock is geared toward mature high schoolers or older. After the ten-chapter story, there is the author’s biography with a promotion of books she has written.

In this tome based in the small town of Sabor, Oklahoma, sixteen year old Scottlyn Rich has nowhere to turn. Raped by a high school graduate at after college function, her father wants her to get an abortion, which she adamantly refuses. Getting kicked out of the house, she finds herself five months along in her pregnancy, living at the Choose Life Shelter for unwed mothers.

Being allowed to attend a small Christian school as their first and only pregnant student, she is quickly judged by one of her teachers, Diana Kensington. With grief issues of her husband being killed in an airplane accident almost a year and a half ago, the teacher has become callous and bitter, never having children of her own.

When Diana realizes Scottlyn’s determination and fortitude to give birth to the little girl named Mercie growing inside her, she questions the “what now, God?” trying to release her fears and let go of her past of pain. Yearning to do what is right, the instructor must make decisions that will alter her life and give hope and encouragement to the teenager who is unsure of her and her baby’s future.

Short but powerful, the book emits honest characters facing reality when choices have to be made to do something so differently than expected or out of one’s comfort zone. With emotion, compassion, and gentleness, Srock promotes charity, love, and leaning on God for all things, no matter what the cost.

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