Author: Anthony DeStefano
Illustrator: Richard Cowdrey
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-7369-5611-6

“’Oh, what can I do?’
The little sheep sighed.
’I’m trapped and alone
And just want to cry.

I’ve been so confused,
So wrong, and so blind.
My Shepherd was caring
And loving and kind.

I should never have left.
It was all a mistake.
I’m tired of wolves
And of lions and snakes.’”
Anthony DeStefano rhymes in his children’s book, The Sheep That No One Could Find.

This over-sized thirty-two page hardbound book targets ages three years old and above, especially preschoolers. Using the New International Version of the Bible, there may be some scary scenes for very young children in regard to mean, evil animals and a reptile. Bestselling artist, Richard Cowdrey, depicts colorful illustrations that are expressive and easy to understand, covering complete pages.

Rhyming the story from the Bible of the Good Shepherd, this tome shows an adorable little sheep that is with a flock of friends surrounding the Shepherd. One day the sheep decides to disobey the Shepherd’s warnings and run away so he can be truly free.

Quickly the wandering sheep gets lost and a hungry wolf notices him. Dressed in sheep’s clothing, the long-tongued wolf invites the wee one for dinner with ulterior motives. Feeling lost and lonely, the sheep agrees but readily sees he has been tricked and escapes.

In racing through the forest, he encounters a roaring lion with big, vicious teeth but, once again, sneaks away and finds an empty nest to rest. Next a big green snake appears and wants to cuddle next to him.

The sheep wiggles free and all three chase him, causing him to fall into a dark pit. Scared, he realizes he should have listened to the Shepherd and confesses his mistake. The wonderful Shepherd rescues him, destroying the wolf, lion, and snake. The Shepherd forgives the animal for his error and all the lambs are happy. Bible verses from Luke and John conclude the tale.

Although frightening animals try capturing the baby sheep, the reader can learn about Jesus being the Shepherd who forgives us our sins and loves us unconditionally. The drawings of the little lamb are so adorable; the scary scenes will hopefully be forgotten.

This book was furnished by Harvest House Publishers in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.

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