Author/Composer Anna-Christina
Produced by Anna-Christina/Adie Hardy
MP3 Audio Stories

Music Audio Stories makes musical stories available on MP3 players that target listeners ages three to seven years old, especially those who with impaired vision or vision disabilities. With original classical music including piano and drums, the stories stimulate creativity in a young child’s mind.

"Chris the Caterpillar" is a tale of a fairy butterfly with amazing colors who notices the old shed door is open. Inside is a sad caterpillar named Chris. He is unhappy because he feels ugly and wishes he could be like the beautiful butterfly. The fairy calls her friends in the garden to help: a sunflower, lily, and daffodil to name a few. Taking some of each of the colors from her friends, she waves her wand, turning Chris into a marvelous butterfly. When he flies and flutters back down to the ground, he thanks the butterfly and her friends, never realizing he would become a beautiful butterfly in spite of the magic wand.

"Johnny No Cash" weaves a story of a hamster named Johnny who learns his friend, Cowboy Dan, is sick with a terrible cold. Having no money, Johnny decides to visit his friend. He packs his bag and heads out west, travelling through tall grass and mud. Not being able to pass over the river, he gives his guitar to a pirate named Captain Russell to cross over. When they reach the other bank, the Captain gives the instrument back and Johnny arrives in a western town where a skunk takes the guitar. Cowboy Dan comes to his rescue, retrieving the special item. The two go to his ranch for sausage and beans and sing a song.

"March of the Ants" is the first of the series and a tome of a small, young ant named Sid who wants to act big. One day he joins the march of ants to search for food. While in the forest, it rains with lightning and thunder, confusing the insects. They run for shelter but cannot hide in a cave as a rock is in the way. The little ant is the only one small enough to fit through the crack. The ant pushes the rock out of the way, allowing safe passage. All the ants appreciate how Sid saved them. This audio is listed for free on their website.

With British, pirate, and western accents and music reaching dramatic crescendos, the listening excitement builds in each story. Although sometimes the music is over-whelming or too many characters speak at once, muffling some of the wording, the stories are engaging and interesting.

Thanks to Music Audio Stories for furnishing this book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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