Author: Ace Collins
Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9793543-8-0

No, Helen Meeker was no fool. And her “rushing in” had paid off. She was born to do this. And she would keep trying to save the world as long as she had breath in her body,” Ace Collins writes in his continuing mystery, The Dead Pool (In The President’s Service – Episode 2).

At seventy-eight pages, this second in the monthly series e-book targets readers who like action, adventure, and romance during World War Two. With no profanity, overtly sexual scenes, or extreme violence, the twenty chapter edition is less than half in length of its predecessor and a continuation of the story.

This tome begins with a man trying arduously to escape his pursuers, falling into a pool of shallow water, only to be captured again by four mutes and their boss. 

The next chapter has the beautiful protagonist, Helen Meeker, holding her used Colt weapon, waiting for Secret Service to enter the room. With President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill unharmed, her eyes wander to one presumably dead man and the injured man she once trusted. Yet currently she is more concerned about the whereabouts of the sister she barely knows and her reliable FBI partner.

From New York to Illinois, Missouri to Arkansas, the reader begins a journey connecting the dots of a group of profiteers not American nor Nazi bent on international power and money.

As Meeker hones in on trying to locate her sister on a college geology field trip, the FBI interrogates the conniving and aloof Reggie Fister to locate Meeker’s partner, Henry Reese. Meanwhile in a hidden laboratory under a sixty year old barn in Illinois, more devious plans are made with ulterior motives.

Concentrating mainly on finding Meeker’s sister, the writer’s love of automobiles from the era rides through each path chosen to locate the missing sibling or track down potential leads. Similar to the prior episode, the heroine has unwavering logic, astute common sense, and focused direction in everything and everyone she encounters.

Set up like a series, the ending of this short story leaves the reader wondering what happens next in Helen Meeker’s vicarious life and how she will get out of the bind she is in to solve the next mystery.

This book was furnished by The Book Club Network Inc. in exchange for the reader’s honest opinion.

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