Author: Patricia Cori
Publisher: North Atlantic Books

In a hauntingly beautiful novel, author Patricia Cori knows how to tell a story, raise an important and vital environmental concern, and keep the reader’s heart pumping with excitement, intrigue and suspense.  The Emissary is an “I can’t put this down” story that touches the soul and captivates the mind with a unique plot and unexpected twists - from the opening chapters to its conclusion.

Almost simultaneously, three global events occur.  While hundreds of blackbirds mysteriously drop out of the sky in Los Angeles, tens of thousands of dead fish cover the beaches in Maine, and 150 whales and dolphins find their way to shore in New Zealand where they lie dead or are dying on the beach.

Enter Jamie Hastings, renowned psychic researcher whose deep-soul connection with the dying whales brings her to the attention of USOIL, a Texas-based oil company and its CEO, Mat Anderson. Before she knows it, Jamie finds herself on board a USOIL ship with a cast of characters who range from infuriating to mystifying to charming to villainous, and a darling dog named Fin whose love for and interaction with whales transcends human understanding.  Jamie is on a mission against evil in a way that both surprises and disturbs.  Could a secret government be plotting to silence the music of the whales and dolphins of the oceans off the waters of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada while most of the world is unaware or chooses to ignore the signs?   Terrifying possibility.

Attention to detail (vis a vis marine knowledge), passion (about and for Nature’s ocean life, especially whales and dolphins), and an ability to weave catastrophic events and conservationism (with hints of espionage, subterfuge and innocence) are the marks of an author who knows how to write well and a book that is an important read.  Patricia Cori is such an author.  The Emissary is such a book. 

The Emissary speaks to the soul of Planet Earth in a unique way: via a compelling narrative whose primary theme is the ongoing destruction of the earth’s oceans which would silence the music of whales and dolphins (higher consciousness communication) and never begin to be heard and understood.

In development to become a motion picture, the book/movie brings creatures-of-the-deep and human beings together, poignantly and captivatingly drawing attention to the existence of souls in both ocean creatures (and dogs) who can be our sacred teachers … if we let them. 

Unique in its ability to both educate and entertain - challenge and intrigue - disturb and invite response, this book is not only a “cannot put down” book, it is a book whose story and message continue to haunt … and compel this reader to action.

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