Author: Brian D. Wassom
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 978-1-4908-1163-5

“Am I honoring God with how I use social media? What effect are these sites having on me as a person? How could I use this technology to be a better friend to the people in my life?” Brian D. Wassom asks in his book, What Would Jesus Post? Seven Principles Christian Should Follow in Social Media.

Short enough to be read under an hour, this seventy-three page e-book targets anyone who uses internet social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter to name a few. With no profanity but some topics touching on mature topics, ages twelve and older would understand its concepts. The New Living Translation of the Bible is used most often with the NIV and ESV included.

Wassom divides this quick read into an introduction, nine chapters, a conclusion, and endnotes, focusing on seven principles to follow when using social media. Using many Bible verses, especially from Proverbs, other quotations are from Ben Franklin and C.S. Lewis along with British song writer Vicky Beeching, vaudeville artist Nora Bayes, Brennan Manning, and evolutionist Richard Dawkins.

The seven principles range from thinking before you post, staying true to one’s self, guarding your heart, and viewing the overall picture to not being a stumbling block but a peacemaker and building a genuine community.

With social media becoming more prevalent with over one billion Facebook accounts, Christians need to consider its permanent record sent to a broad audience conveys the most valuable possession: their reputation.

When posting, believers should think twice, not be a hypocrite, be aware of behavior and wary of false concepts, do not be distracted by constant viewing, watch how others are affected by words, do not air disagreements to everyone, and converse personally to develop relationships.

The author backs up each chapter by explaining the pitfalls and perks of social media and how to allow God to communicate through and to us.

Although social media is a wonderful tool to keep in touch, like all things, it can become addictive, misused, and abused. One chapter explains how some websites use “memetic engineering” to purposefully alter or change beliefs, ideas, or cultural norms.

This book is a good reminder of what to do with social media as a follower of Jesus. The author is spot-on when he states, “’Where words are many,’ says Proverbs 10:19 (NIV), ‘sin is not absent,’ and ‘those who love to talk will reap the consequences,” according to Proverbs 18:91.”

Thanks to Booksneeze for furnishing this book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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