Author: Erin Healy
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-4016-8958-2

If only she could stay on this side of the gate and block the rest out – Brock’s life, the imminent investigation, the assault of cruel men, and the death of a stranger – she would. But she knew she couldn’t stay long,” Erin Healy pens of Serena in her novel, Stranger Things.

At three hundred and fifty-seven pages, this paperback book targets mature adult readers who like mystery stories containing murder, heartbreak, and redemption. With no profanity yet references to sexual abuse and acts of violence, the loosely Christian-based story leaves it mostly to readers’ imaginations regarding the inhumane world of human-trafficking.

Although Serena Diaz is only in her second year as a high school biology teacher in Southern California, her position becomes jeopardized due to Brock Anderson, a smart but cocky kid who accuses her of sexual harassment as a revenge tactic, supposedly for a poor grade that may affect his college scholarship. 

When Serena escapes to her favorite spot in the mountainous terrain in the Los Angeles National Forest to gather her thoughts, she erroneously gets involved in a sex-trafficking ring in a burned-down house she always thought was empty.

Christopher Larsen, member of the Fire Followers that protect young abused women, knows the illusive John Roman still runs his illegal business selling under-aged girls around the globe. Receiving an anonymous tip that another transfer of women is going down, he heads to the forest, hoping to confront the king pin he has been tracking the past ten years after rescuing his sister. When he arrives on the remote scene, his protection of Serena becomes his focal point instead, costing him his life. 

After Serena flees from witnessing this stranger’s murder trying to save her, she runs to her boyfriend for shelter, knowing his defense attorney’s skills should keep her safe from what she saw at the ruined hide-out and Brock’s false allegations.

Confused between her boyfriend’s control of the situation and Christopher’s three friends that are trying to convince her of Roman’s line of work, Serena must decide where her loyalty lies. Wondering why a man died protecting her, the teacher further questions when and why someone’s life is important.


With drug-induced hallucinations and confusingly strange illusions, Healy’s tome keeps readers on edge as twists and turns tie together for a sad and tragic tale. 

Thanks to Booksneeze for furnishing this book in exchange for the reader’s honest review.

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