Author: K. Dawn Byrd
Publisher: Sword of the Spirit Publishing
ISBN 13:978-1-090290-2-2

I've slept with too many men to count. It all started at the ripe age of eight with my stepfather. After he'd trained me, he began to sell me off to the highest bidders,” Dee explains in K. Dawn Byrd’s novel, Amazing Love.

Targeting readers who like edgy Christian romance with unconditional love, this e-book contains two hundred and thirteen pages, written as a contemporary version of the Biblical “Hosea and Gomer” story. Having graphic details of prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, and dabbling in the occult, it would be best read by mature readers. This reader wishes all pronouns related to God were capitalized for reverence.

In this explicit tome, Dee Dillow returns the sea town of Treasure Bay to inherit and update her deceased aunt’s house she calls Carpe Diem. There, she meets Gabe Knight, a young, dedicated pastor who does repairs on the house and finds her fascinating.

Hiding her past of being a prostitute who has part ownership with her mother of a brothel in Las Vegas, Dee is torn between continuing in the highly paid profession or cutting all ties from Salt, the wealthy married man who demands her attention and body.

While Gabe hears from God that he must marry and redeem this torn, broken, unsaved woman, Dee refuses to accept Christ’s forgiveness as she resorts to using an Ouija board for answers, drinks too much too often, and returns to Vegas to the only lifestyle she knows. Both must come to terms that God is in control, even allowing upsetting, negative situations.

Although loosely based on the Biblical story of forgiveness and redemption along with mentioning eternal salvation vaguely, caution should be given to readers that the subversive culture of prostitution, illegal drugs, pole dancing, and the occult are included that may make some uncomfortable.

Thanks to CWA Review Crew for furnishing this book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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