Author: Steve Wilson
Publisher: White Feather Press
ISBN: 978-1-61808-035-6

This is definitely in the ‘Red Sky’ category. Who do we have in the field that can check on this further?” Avery asks when an American plane is shot down over the Sea of Japan in the beginning of Steve Wilson’s novel, Red Sky at Morning.

This first book in the Michael Neill Adventure series targets readers who like military strategy, nuclear warfare, and political intrigue in current day scenarios. With no profanity or sexual scenes, this Christian-based story includes violence due to the topic of nuclear destruction.

In this tome, United States First Lieutenant Michael Neill grew up with his missionary parents in the Ukraine but has not returned to the country for over eight years. As a Marine, he speaks several languages working as a Marine in the Security Forces Squadron.

When his military friend’s plane flies too low near the Russian coastline due to inclement weather and is shot down by a fighter plane with stealth technology, Neill is heart-broken of his friend’s demise but knows God is in control. Yet on the broad scale, other governments want their own control and power in the former Soviet Union area, especially when it involves nuclear weapons.

Ordered by the Unites States, the Marine’s instructions are to verify the status of thirty-six C-type nuclear warheads that are to be disassembled at the Odessa plant in the Ukraine. Added to his duties, he must uncover information about the sixth-generation stealth fighter that killed his comrade.

While Neill meets up with his old Ukrainian friend, Andrei Ulyanov, who now runs the disarmament program at Odessa, the two Christian men pray for wisdom and guidance when they learn one warhead is missing. Realizing it could be a dirty bomb or full-fledge nuke, they, along with a persistent beautiful journalist, try to anticipate where two Russians who want to restore the old Soviet Union have hidden the deadly device.

Counting down to detonation, readers become engaged in the military espionage and patriotism for one’s homeland as pages turn quickly to find out if this time there will be radiological dispersion.

As a well-written, technical military tale, Wilson set up a great series where one man’s faith in God is consistent as he deals with others on a personal or global level.

Thanks to CWA Review Crew for furnishing this book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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