Author: Michael J. Webb
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

He weaves the fabric of our faith, through the power of the blood, together with His Faith, in the loom of His heart. He binds all of us who believe into one massive quilt – The Master’s Quilt,” Deucalion remembers Joseph’s words in Michael J. Webb’s first book in his Giants in the Earth series, The Master’s Quilt.

Within two hundred and fifty two pages, the author targets readers interested in stories surrounding Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection in Jerusalem and how Rome’s rulers dealt with them. Containing some violence and no sexually explicit scenes or profanity, the first story in the trilogy takes fictional liberties in its prologue, twenty-five chapters, and epilogue.

In this tome based in first-century Israel, Deucalion Quinctus, the Commander of the Garrison under Pontius Pilate, questions his position and beliefs when he is not only the man that thrust his spear into Jesus’s side while He hung on the cross, he witnessed the empty tomb three days later.

Being more like a son to his leader, the Praetorian learns of Herod Antipas’s scheme to get Doras the Jewish Sadducee to create a situation to unseat Caiaphas as High Priest and put political pressure on Pilate. When Deucalion meets Doras’s beautiful daughter, Esther, his heart, soul, and mind alter his perception of the Nazarene that has risen from the dead.

Meanwhile, a man named Joseph meets Uriel, an angelic old soul who gives him valued scrolls that explain the Way to help Israelites accept Christo as their Messiah. When Pilate uncovers Deucalion’s true intentions, Joseph, Esther, and the rogue soldier become wanted outcasts who escape from the vicious zealot, Saul of Tarsus.

With a confusing first fifty pages of a plethora of Biblical characters, chapters contain dream sequences, demon-plagued decision-makers, political power struggles, and retold Biblical stories of Queen Esther, Moses, and Cain and Abel with Jewish traditions.

Referencing only once to the book’s title, reverting back and forth in time, and fictionalizing the Gospels, the main plot focuses on Deucalion and Esther’s bond of survival. Overall, once readers get past the layers of players, the tale of the soldier who struck Christ’s side overshadows others and forces one to ponder how the man possibly dealt with his actions.

Thanks to CWA Review Crew for furnishing this book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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