Author: Michael Alexiades

Publisher: Turner

ISBN: 978-1620454855

Scrubs, gowns, gloves and a sterile field in an OR that is properly prepared to receive a patient for surgery. Instruments are placed, their numbers counted and checked for proper functioning and proper count. The final preparation of a sterile field is performed, the surgeon is assisted with his gowning/gloving and the assists surgeon drapes and passes off suction/cautery lines. But, what happens when certain protocols are pushed aside. What happens when an unexpected emergency occurs, panic sets in and things go downhill? The circulating nurse transports the patient to the procedure room and assists with positioning the patient. F.J. Pervis was awake when all of the preparations for his surgery were being put in place. Before the anesthesia was placed within the IV in his arm and the final skin prep has been completed the surgeon, Dr. Warren Nathan entered the room and waited for the patient to be put to sleep.

As Pervis insisted on forgoing the needed MRI and wanted to expedite matters by having this knee surgery without the proper pre-op clearance, Dr. Nathan agreed and what happens would rock the inner walls and operating room of Eastside Medical Center. When Dr. Gregory Toll places the drug within the IV and the surgical team begins what should have been a routine operation, the Pervis goes into cardiac arrest. When the final code is called and all of their efforts failed, he is wheeled to his temporary resting place, the Morgue. Demetri Makropolis is the fourth year medical student that was assigned to assist with this case. Observant, astute and definitely quite skilled he realizes that something does not ring true about the final outcome. Deciding to brainstorm what might have happened with his father a retired police detective brings to light some hidden secrets that if uncovered would not only put him in danger.

Thinking he was still alive and not able to communicate Pervis opens his eyes and tries to tell the 2 orderlies transporting him to the morgue that he is still alive. But, what happens when the CEO and the head of Orthopedics face the press, one reporter named Jack Bigelow asks too many pointed questions and the conference is abruptly ended. Hoping to push aside what happened they cannot cover-up what they learn next. Someone managed to get into the morgue and steal the body. Wait until you learn why!

The hypothalamus is an organ that serves as an important link, along the hypothalamic-hypophyseal axis, between the nervous system and the endocrine system. It is located within the cranial cavity, in the cerebrum, right below the thalamus. It also forms the floor of the third ventricle in the brain. “ What does this have to do with why Pervis was killed? How about is this killer is about to remove his brain and perform a craniotomy on Pervis in order to harvest and use this tissue to prolong his life? What if this brain tissue is injected into the neck of a person and is used to extend his lifeWhat if this person is a doctor hiding in plain sight of everyone within this medical center, getting around unnoticed and has access of passageways, tunnels and waterways that are unknown to anyone without the proper blueprints or knowledge that they exist?

When the information comes to light Detective Patrick McManus would have the greatest challenge in his life to stop this maniacal killer. The tapes are of no help and the feeds throughout the hospital come up dry and the only way he can stop this person is to figure out just how he managed to steal a body from the morgue unseen.

Conferring with his father our fourth year medical students learns about a missing homeless man that was never found and learns about links to the past that will make your skin crawl. Managing to cleverly get access to the old medical records with the help of a young girl named Maria, Demetri begins to uncover information that just might put him, Maria and many others in danger as this killer strikes again.

Sharing his expertise in the field and describing each surgical case in detail author Michael Alexiades allows readers to not only enter each operating room along with the patient and staff. Allowing readers to hear the voice of this doctor as he rationalizes for us his actions and motives. Imagine having done this many times for more than 100 years? Could this man really be ageless? What would happen if he did not kill all of these innocent people?

Frustrated, called on the carpet many times McManus finds himself between more than just a rock and a hard place when constantly chastised for his lack of success. But, within the higher echelon of this hospital two people know the identity of this killer but why won’t they alert the police and why won’t they stop him? The stage is set and the killer is on the lose and what happens will stupefy readers as one detective, hospital staff and a retired detective risk it all to prevent more killings. An ending that will leave you breathless hoping this author will write a sequel and to learn what happens next. Eastside Medical Center: Enter at your own risk!

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