Author: William Sirls
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-4016-8738-0

And I’ve never heard anything through your iPod, but there’s no denying the way I feel when I look at that garden. And what’s even crazier than me being healed and me jumping that canal on a motorcycle is what that little voice is telling me about this leap of faith,” Andy is told in William Sirls’s novel, The Sinner’s Garden.

At four hundred and eight pages, this paperback tome is targeted toward readers who enjoy mystery, redemption, resolution, and acceptance. Based as a Christian-themed book, there is some use of slang, mild violence, and no overtly sexual scenes so it would be enjoyed by mature young adults and older. There are author’s notes and a fourteen question discussion guide at the end.

Andy has been scarred, both physically and mentally in a small town in Michigan. Burned as a young child, the teenager is awkward, angry, and apprehensive, trying to deal with his overly-protective mother, Judi, who has her own self-doubts and insecurities. 

His only source of love and companionship is Uncle Rip who “found God” in prison and still fights his own demons correcting his past. When Andy hears songs and is told admonitions to give to others from his iPod, Rip believes the Almighty is speaking through his nephew.

As one of the town’s police officers, Heather still has feelings for the ex-con but is preoccupied by a “Summer Santa” who repeatedly sneaks into neighbors’ homes, leaving needed and timely gifts. 

When the four find a manicured sectioned-off garden with beautiful wildflowers bordered by deep rich soil in the middle of nowhere, each must deal with their past to understand their future as their worries vanish whenever viewing the natural flora.

As the garden goes through changes, each individual tries to figure out how the sections correspond to people’s lives and why. With Andy’s determination for another sign from God, not only Rip, Judi, Heather, and Andy seek His answers, but those in the town learn forgiveness and love.

With deeply rooted characters, mystical surroundings of God’s miracles, and an unusual portal of hearing the Creator, the book keeps readers engaged through the twists and turns in human life that are never expected, never seen, and make no sense until one looks back at the past.

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