Authors: Daniel Goldberg & Linus Larsson

ISBN-13: 978-1609805731
E-ISBN: 978-1609805388

Minecraft is an exciting game and this book is a peek into how “Notch” started with game design and created minecraft, and how it became one of the most popular online indie games in the world. The cover is a colorful creeper-like green and promises wonders within. It starts with a description of the first minecon (a convention for minecraft players for those of you who have missed the minecraft experience.) The first minecon was a breath-holding experience for Markus “Notch” Persson, because he had no idea whether anyone would show up. The response was exhilarating and every one of the cardboard ‘steve’ heads (a character in the game) that “Notch” had brought was given away.

This book is a treat for the minecraft player and gives an inside look at the hurdles Notch had to go over to get into game design, the stages minecraft went through in early development and why Notch decided to release the game so early for money. From peeks at the kind of discussion Notch and the other people in his life had to make minecraft possible to some of the disappointments along the way, it is thrilling to read about the intimate history of minecraft.

The book includes some great screens of custom builds from minecraft players around the globe. These builds include a replica of the Eiffel Tower by FireUK, High Rossferry (a city of skyscrapers) by Dydtor & Darkone, a fully functioning soda machine, a fully functioning guitar, and a temple built to resemble Notch.

Social Media and minecraft have long been entwined and the book does include the ‘Let’s Play’ connection where players record their minecraft adventures and put them on YouTube and the effect this had on expanding the number of players dramatically.

Besides being a treat for the minecraft player, this book is an exciting way for a parent or teacher to see some of the possibilities that minecraft can offer the ‘gamer’ in their life. Creative builds are only the surface. The book talks about the sense of community that devoted players develop.

The appendix titled ‘Luddites’ lists every game mentioned throughout the book. This is a thoroughly enjoyable book and I had to fend off family and friends who were so taken by the appearance of the book and the topic that they wanted to run off with it.

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