AUTHOR: Susan Shumsky, D.D.

PUBLISHER: New Page Books

ISBN: 978-1-60163-280-0

There is a whole new language associated with this book – words like “nadis”, “prana”, “kundalini” and “samadhi”. To the lay reader, it may seem a bit of a stretch to find out the link between auras and these words. That’s part of the challenge in The Power of Auras – a good book and good idea that may be a bit too technical for the average reader.

This reviewer is fairly well-versed in the metaphysical realm including auras. Seeing the title, it had been intriguing to find out how an entire book of this length (288 pages) could be devoted to auras, fascinating as the subject is. The answer is – it’s not entirely devoted to that subject, and it’s even a stretch and challenge to someone with fairly considerable understanding and knowledge of the topic to grasp all that is offered. For some, that could be a disappointment. Yet it’s filled with many other semi-related fields of interest, so it’s well worth reading.

Eastern religion has played a very large role in the life of author Susan Shumsky, D.D., who has spent more than four decades researching, teaching and lecturing in the spiritual realm. Several of those years were spent as a close associate of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation, which is a major achievement. This is quite evident in the focus of the book, as is the scientific aspect of her studies. Unfortunately, at times the book is a bit too technical and scientific, if the author’s goal is to reach a wide market. There are many people wanting to begin studying metaphysical topics, auras in particular, and the fear is that the book might not be for the casual reader. This is not at all to say it’s not a worthwhile book – it’s very well researched and written. But it isn’t until about one-third of the way through that the focus truly turns to an actual discussion on auras, including methods for seeing or feeling them, what various colors of auras mean, and so forth. It is here that the author shines, and where the book will have an appeal for the mass audience.

Shumsky also discusses color vibrations and what various colors mean. She tells how they can be used to heal, to increase energy, and even what colors to avoid under certain circumstances. She offers several interactive exercises and techniques and this is the major payoff for reading the book. Her knowledge and suggestions are very intriguing and thought-provoking and in this section of the book she addresses the subject with a more common touch.

Though not directly related to auras, there are many prayers for various types of healing, several affirmations, and even a technique for reversing black magic. Fascinating material!

For someone with Shumsky’s obvious knowledge and background, it was no doubt tempting to include as much information as she could relating to color, energy and other fields associated with auras. She’s not a first-time author, by any means, so she’s apparently found a formula that works well for her. But it would also be interesting to see if she can, in the future, try a series of books that approach topics from a more elemental level, even if they are fewer in number of pages. One would think she could do very well with this and the audience would be immense.

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