Senior Editor: Sarah Janssen
Publisher: World Almanac Books
ISBN: 978-1-60057-182-4

The World Almanac has been informing, entertaining, and amusing Americans since 1868. With more fascinating facts per page than any other general reference, The World Almanac has the authoritative answers to your questions on every essential subject …” the back jacket states of the 2014 version.

At one thousand and eight pages of small print in a thick paperback book, this is the go-to physical format for data, information, or explanation up to the year 2013. With sixteen glossy pages of colored photographs, a few black and white pictures, charts, colored maps, and small paragraph format, this book is targeted for those that are fascinated with information from America and around the world.

Divided into ten tabbed sections, there are special features with the year in review, economy with business and energy figures, health and vital statistics, personalities with arts and awards, science and technology, consumer information, Unites States history, government and population, world history with culture, nations, and sports. 

This year’s edition includes a new section regarding the changes in marriages, the world at a glance, ten top news topics, and full-color pictures covering 2013 in many venues. There are also Winter Olympic moments, a U.S. voter’s guide along with obituaries, news topics, notable quotes, historical anniversaries, and a time capsule to name a few.

With both general and quick reference indexes, readers can easily look up agriculture, meteorology, astronomy, taxes, historical speeches, the Obama administration, religions, college and professional sports, or a plethora of memorable and banal events, happenings, or interests. 

Under the “World at a Glance” section there are surprising facts, number one achievements, Americans’ statistics regarding time, money, and habits to best sellers in DVDs, magazines, books, and e-books or milestone birthdays.

Several portions are done in a chronological order for topics such as the year in review and United States history. Weather conditions, state population, and sports statistics date back to the first record or recent accomplishments in practically every conceivable aspect. 

This myriad of information may match an internet search engine trying to find data quickly as it is arrange methodically and precisely. In spite of its small print, the book may challenge Google in accessing answers fast as it gives one source instead of thousands to glean while researching. 

This book was furnished by The Rosen Group in lieu of a review based on the reader’s opinion.

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