Author: Jason Klassi
Publisher: Space Traveler Publishing
ISBN: 978-0981767406

This is a book that is bound to leave a reader impressed because a book on this topic is an extremely rare one. The topic itself is considered so heavy that most writers would probably think twice before taking it up and even majority of readers would feel that since the topic is quiet complicated hence; it may not be his or her cup of tea. But Jason Klassi has simplified space travel and this makes reading this book a delight because not only does he speak about future of space but gives philosophical insights alongside which makes it a complete package and also helps a reader, with even modest understanding of space, lap it all up easily.

While everyone wants to know about universe and to unlock its deepest secrets, yet, little knowledge of space and related sciences makes an average reader draw back his steps. But with this compact book, this problem is solved to a lot of extent.

The keen insight into the future of space travel is bound to make anyone and everyone take this book seriously. To top it, is the foreword by none other than iconic Buzz Aldrin so, the book naturally gets a thumbs up by those whose voices matter in the space world. The glossy pictures, easy language and detailed explanation makes this book a must have on one’s shelf. The details accompany every picture and, in a way, reading this book is like diving in the history of space travel and then emerging and seeing how far humanity has come when it comes to space expeditions.

Another thing that a reader would see is that how small our own point of view is about life and how we stand divided on small things like nationalities, religions, creed, sex while from space earth looks just like one united family devoid of borders of any kind. And no, these are not my personal opinions, once a reader starts reading, these thoughts would most certainly cross his mind because so far we have lived in a very narrow space but for a space traveler, the earth is all that he can call his own in the infinite universe he would be floating in. In short, the book will make a reader ponder over things that we so far have failed to in a rationale light and therefore, this is a very rare and classic book which makes it a must read for sure!

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