Author: Bob Miglani

ISBN: 978-1-60994-825-2

Publisher: Berrett Kohler Publishers

This book is a foreigner’s or should I say a Non Resident Indian’s (NRI’s) take on India and the Indian way of life. So far, the western world has either ridiculed or worshipped India but a balanced perspective has always been a rarity. So is this book any different or is it just one of those that draws either frowns or ridicules? Let us just consider a few aspects about the writer; he is a man who has spent a major part of his adult life in USA but has Indian roots and eventually, he has to come to India where he encounters lot of issues that eventually help him gain composure. In short, the writer Bob Miglani narrates events of his own life in a compact book and allows the reader to get a glimpse of his inner thoughts and emotions while he was undergoing the life changing events.

The book is easy to read and is not very bulky. What is good is that the writer has bought forward the differences between the west and east with ease without siding with either one. It is done with a lot of grace hence, a person from India would not feel offended over the ‘bad portrayal’ and even the western world would notice that the narrative remains as true to present as it could be. Events like the chaos that is prevalent here and the problem in securing a flight back home, cousin holding his hand and his finally understanding that it is nothing but love etc are few illuminating points of the book.

The language is easy and in the middle of reading one may feel part of the family. The confusion that abounds India is also going to make one laugh and at the same time, and kudos to the writer for that, will fill one with awe. The details of poverty and rash driving will fill a reader with contempt while the rest would make him chuckle. The flowing narrative never lets one take a break and it goes to the credit of the writer that the entire book is like a crispy cracker that reader would want to finish in one go. Even the most mundane events that the writer dissects come out with philosophical moorings that make the everyday event seem a novel one. At the end of the read, one would feel wanting for more and that is a compliment that this writer truly deserves.

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