Authors: Carole Lewis with Marcus Brotherton
ISBN: 978-0-8307-4523-4

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From the very first word First Place 4 Health offers encouragement and promise for those who have failed at every other weight loss program. Carole Lewis tells us that First Place 4 Health is not a diet plan but a whole new way to live a balanced healthy life.

Ms. Lewis says: There is hope for your future weight loss, and it’s found in a place you may have never imagined . . . First Place 4 Health is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle shift.

First Place 4 Health outlines a lifestyle plan: a balance of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of our lives. The thrust of this program is that if your life is on the right path with God and you are balanced and focused on Him and His plans for you, you will lose the weight and keep it off almost as a natural result. It will be a gradual weight loss but it will be a sustainable, long-term weight loss.

This is not a diet you go on to quickly lose weight so you can return to your previous eating habits. No, this program promises you will permanently change not only your eating habits but also the way you think about yourself and the way conduct your life. If you are not willing to make substantial long term changes this program is not for you.

The first three areas of our lives – spiritual, emotional and mental - and how we need to change them are well detailed in the first three sections of the book. The insights and instructions are firm and inflexible, yet upbeat and encouraging: the testimonials near miraculous. By the time you finish these sections you can’t wait to jump into the nitty-gritty of the physical.

Here is where the book sorely disappoints. The last section comes off as no more than a promise of great results but only when we join and follow the program. The testimonials become repetitious. None of the suggested diet and exercise guidelines are offered in the book, nor are any of the Bible Study lessons mentioned in earlier sections. All of these must be purchased separately and you must find a First Place 4 Health group in your area in order to utilize the program properly.

First Place 4 Health sounds like a great program, but as a reader this book came off as a huge push for the reader to sink more money into the program before any results can be achieved.

I visited the First Place 4 Health website to research the availability and cost of joining a group in my area. I live in a large metropolitan area. Within a twenty-five mille radius of my home there were only two groups meeting, and neither of them were accepting new members for at least eleven more weeks. The start up packet a new member needs is just under $100 on-line. The Bible Studies, food plans and memorization packet run about $19.99 each. By the time I found all of this out I was frustrated and discouraged.

If you are looking for some encouragement and a little bit of guidance the First Place 4 Health book is inspirational and encouraging. If you are looking for an economical weight loss program that is flexible and easily accessible you may be disappointed. I can only assume the program is more readily available i85n other areas of the US.

I applaud Ms. Lewis’s dedication and her program’s long list of successes, but this book read more to me like an hard-pitched advertisement for the program, than like a book that provides the reader with the tools to successfully lose weight.

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