Author: Patrick J. McCarthy
Publisher: Carpenter’s Son Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9883962-1-0

There was one thing I knew for sure. Through my pain, I had to do something to find out what took away my Danielle. I had to do all I could to pull apart the pieces that led to her death,” Patrick J. McCarthy explains in his book, Please Don’t Let Me Die: A Father’s Journey Through Grief and the Criminal Justice System.

At three hundred and twenty pages, this paperback book is targeted toward readers interested in facets of drug use and its ramifications that can lead to death or even criminal charges. With some minor slang and the topic of illegal drugs, it would be geared toward mature young adults and older. This reader wishes all pronouns related to God were capitalized for reverence. 

Patrick and Lisa McCarthy have experienced one of the worst events known to a family: the death of their own child. When sixteen year old Danielle willingly consumed the drug ecstasy that was bought and given to her by a friend, she had no clue of the repercussions. Not only did a beautiful young girl die, criminal charges were brought against the friend and the drug seller who were not pro-active in coming to her rescue.

Divulging step-by-step emotional trauma by a broken-down, confused, and devastated father, the reader easily feels his pain, anger, and helplessness not being there for his girl or even knowing about her death until hours later. 

Questioning God and his past sins brought upon his cherished offspring, the dad spills out his sorrow, memories, and viewpoints of her precious life, from her Myspace internet postings, to the viewing, memorial service, and two years battling for her cause in the judicial system on his quest to find those accountable for her death.

With written out Kent Factors and laws, a myriad of tedious trial hearings, reports of court proceedings, and behind-the-scenes drama of the judicial system, two individuals are accused of the death of Danielle Dawn McCarthy by Homicide by Controlled Substance based on the quadstacks of ecstasy she ingested. 

Even though Danielle’s death in 2006 remains fresh and painful in the author’s heart and two legal battles are behind them, he and his family are dedicated to helping others remember to be a true friend to help save lives of others in the same predicament.

A heart-wrenching read, one would pray that McCarthy and those involved in this horrific nightmare can find comfort in knowing God has a purpose in all things as they work toward forgiving themselves and one another.

This book was furnished by Book Club Network Inc. in lieu of an honest review.

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