Author: Bonnie Floyd
Publisher: Creative Enterprises Studio
ISBN: 978-0-9890521-5-3

Bean, I promise you, if I ever get into a position where I fear for my life, I will call on the name of Jesus, but I have never been, nor will I ever be in a position where I am not in total control,” Bonnie Floyd reflects on her father’s promise in her book, Bound to a Promise.

At three hundred and four pages, this paperback book is about a daughter’s love for her father and step-mother, especially after they have been murdered and she is unsure of their eternal salvation. With quoted slang words, gruesome detail, and minor discussion about premarital sex, the targeted audience would be for mature readers. The book includes a foreword by Sheila Walsh, sixteen pages of glossy colored photographs, and author’s biography.

Written from her viewpoint, Bonnie Floyd always idolized her charismatic, adventurous father who divorced her mother when she was twelve years old. Feeling abandoned by both parents, she spent years of her young adult life living with an older man, doing drugs, and searching for approval again.

When she asked Jesus into her heart and married a strong Christian man with a loving family, she focused on telling her dad and his new wife about her new-found relationship, but was rejected once again. 

As her self-reliant, carefree father and upbeat wife spent traveling the world on land and sea grasping every beautiful sunset, Bonnie thought they found their paradise in the West Indies managing an island. But idyllic bliss turned to heartbreaking tragedy when her parents and two others were bound, gagged, and murdered at point blank on a yacht near Antigua.

After the three perpetrators were caught by Scotland Yard, Bonnie spent five weeks overseas at the killers’ trial, trying to find the missing link in her relationship with her father: his confirmed belief in the One True God. Unsure of his salvation, she is tormented through her own testings and tribulations, desperately trying to uncover the truth of his final moments. 

Through prayer, forgiveness, and acceptance, not only does Bonnie learn that God always is in control of all things with all people, He directs our paths, knows our hearts, and has a purpose that we may not understand.

With plenty of detailed minutia that could be condensed, Bonnie’s boisterous and demonstrative personality shines through her journey of pain and bitterness to become forgiving, loving, and more dependent daily on the God Who never makes mistakes. 

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