Author:Joanna Harrison
ISBN: 978-0-385-75173-5
Publisher: David Fickling Books

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The large cover of Grizzly Dad: Why Dads are Great – (even the grumpy ones!)   matches its title and the subject matter. You may love your Dad but some days does he seem grumpy as a bear? Does he also feel like a bear?

Joanna Harrison has left her imagination run wild with a seemingly real bear. Gruff, rough but oh! So cuddly!

A little boy spends his day bonding with his grumpy loving old dad. He wipes his eyes, combs his hair, brushes his teeth that were a bit SMELLY! His dear old “bear” is somewhat messy too! But, they go on to the movies together, to the park and hang around on the boughs of trees. They have the greatest time together!!! When they go home, they leave the kitchen just like a pigsty!!

Harrison ends this charming story with a little joke. Share it with your children. The illustrations are humongous, colorful and very funny. Children and parents alike will have great fun reading and acting this witty story.

Grizzly Dad is a very useful book for fathers who want to bond with their children. As well, it is a perfect present for Fathers Day.

Harrison began her career as an animator and storyboard artist. She was part of the team behind Raymond Brigg’s The Snowman, The Bear, and When the Wind blows.

After the birth of her first child, Harrison began writing and illustrating children’s books. This is her first picture book for David Fickling Books. She lives in England.

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