Author: Chris Mitchell
Publisher: Nelson Books
ISBN: 978-1-4002-0528-8

“Yet after three thousand years, it’s unlikely the world will loosen the tenacious Jewish attachment and grip to Jerusalem. Now with the Muslim fierce, full-throated cry to take Jerusalem back, it appears the stage is being set for an apocalyptic showdown on this fault line between Judeo-Christian and Islamic civilizations,” Chris Mitchell writes in his book, Dateline Jerusalem.

At two hundred and fifty-six pages, this paperback book is targeted toward readers interested in blending Biblical prophecies to current day events in regard to the status of Israel and the world. Using mainly the New King James version of the Bible, author Mitchell gives first-hand experience as a news journalist for CBN News living in the Middle East.

After four pages of accolades about the book and an introduction, there are eighteen chapters followed by acknowledgements, notes, topical index, and author’s biography. Honing in on the writer’s personal eyewitness encounters and experiences throughout the world, history along with political viewpoints are correlated to Scriptural prophecies.

The book starts during Egypt’s “Arab Spring” two years ago while Mitchell watched it happen at Tahrir Square as he fled from the revolution. With the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, the country got rid of its leader for so-called democracy.

The storyline follows him from Istanbul, Turkey, where Islam is promoted aggressively for global domination during the nine “freedom flotilla” ship activity, to the Israel Negev Desert discussing tracking Iran’s computer date with their “Flame” virus.

Also mentioned are the writer’s visits to Iran, Syria, and the Ukraine as he discusses nuclear sanctions, how Islam views the world dating back to Thomas Jefferson’s encounter, the Balfour Declaration, Palestine, Arafat, Hamas, Purim in Samaria, and the recent increase of Jews returning to their homeland, building homes in the mountains as predicted in the Old Testament.

Explaining Ahmadinejad’s prayer at the United Nations for the promised one, the Twelfth Imam, and how God is the secret of the Jews, the author reiterates Islamic belief that the “Little Satan,” Israel, needs to be destroyed while America, “the Great Satan,” needs to be overthrown. The end of the book includes a few miracles and dream conversions of Muslims to a new relationship with Jesus Christ.

Backing up current day events witnessed with the Bible and history, Mitchell makes believable sense of the now and future state of Israel and how Jerusalem is the pivotal cross-road to end times.

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