Author: Lisa Belcastro
Publisher: OakTara Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-60290-378-4

What if? What if I don’t get back to the Shenandoah tonight? What if I never see Ben again?” Rebecca questions in the first novel of Lisa Belcastro’s Winds of Change series, Shenandoah Nights.

This two hundred and one page novel is targeted toward readers who love adventure at sea, going back to the beginning of the American Revolution in the seventeen seventies, and clean romance. Being Christian based with no extreme violence, overtly sexual scenes, or profanity, the book does contain slang words such as dang, darn, heck, and hell that may not be appropriate for some middle school readers.

Twenty-eight year old Rebecca O’Neill lives a happy, contented single life in Martha’s Vineyard. Although her grandmother passed away a year ago, she enjoys teaching eleven to twelve year old children social studies at Holmes Hole School. When she is desperately begged by the school principal to fill in as teacher and chaperone for a week on the schooner, Shenandoah, she hesitantly agrees, remembering five years ago another teacher mysteriously disappeared while on the cruise.

Climbing on board the one hundred and eight foot sailboat with a two hundred year old history, Rebecca takes her job of handling twenty-five sixth grade students seriously. Yet every night when she goes to sleep in her cabin, she seems to be transported to another world, a world based around Colonial Boston before there was a United States of America.

While time-traveling back and forth between the past and present, not only does Rebecca try to figure out the disappearance of the teacher years ago, she must decide if the past is more important than the present, especially when she meets the captivating Captain Benjamin Reed.

With the Shenandoah’s crew choosing sides of Rebecca’s loyalty, even when it comes to claiming she is a stowaway who could be a spy for the Regulars, Rebecca prays to God for protection and guidance, seemingly getting her answers immediately.

Through learning the nautical terms of sailing, the history of America before it became a country, and day-to-day two hundred year differences, the young woman is ardently determined to make the right choices for the right reasons.

Being the first novel of the series, Belcastro has set an intriguing, interesting storyline that can sail into the next exciting, adventurous tome in the series.

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