Author: Sandra Lea Hardage
Publisher: CrossBooks
ISBN: 978-1-4627-2783-4

As you read the story of Joseph’s life, see God’s hand in the reasons He brought Joseph to power in Egypt, and then recognize His hand in your own life as He prepares you for tasks He planned for you before you were born,” Sandra Lea Hardage writes in the introduction of her book, Faith – Joseph’s Story.

This one hundred and eighty-eight page paperback book is targeted toward those interested in an in-depth study about the life of the Biblical Joseph and how his faith in God can inspire in current day living. After a preface, acknowledgements, and introduction, there is over seventy pages of a nine chapter novel and an epilogue about Joseph. With a few pages about how to become a Christian, there is a seventy-four page Bible study, thirty-two page leader’s guide, a poem about the character, and author’s biography.

Written in first person, the first half of the book is Joseph explaining his family life, his coat of many colors, and how he was sold into slavery by his brothers, along with when he put in jail for supposedly raping Potiphar’s wife, interpreted several dreams, tested his brothers in need of food, moved his aged father to Egypt, and returned to Canaan to bury his beloved parent. Joseph’s constant connection and faith in YHWH is mentioned and how he relied on the Almighty to show him what to do next and praised Him for His guidance.

In the second half of the book, an actual study based on the novel by chapter has detailed sections for the reader to look up Bible verses correlating to the stories, review and fill in a few charts or blank areas, and room for writing down personal applications how the reader can grow and strengthen his or her faith in God. The leader section is an answer key with notation on personal answers.

This read is an ideal high school to adult Bible study series for a group atmosphere, especially those who do not know or remember the plethora of stories about this famous, interesting Biblical character. Hardage writes with passion in the novel part, as she conveys in her study her true love for our Lord and how to put our trust and faith in Him as He is in control, knowing and directing our paths.

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