Author: Tanya Logan
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 978-1-4497-8207-8

How much of your Christian life have you spent focused on the bad – rebellion, jealousy, materialism – your time-stealers, obsessions, or idols? Do you waste time looking back and dwelling on past failures or disappointments? How much time did that leave for Christ?” Tanya Logan pointedly asks in her book, Come Back to Jesus – And Don’t Bring Your Blackberry.

This one hundred and five page paperback book is targeted toward those interested in a Biblical study about shedding the idols in our hectic lives and focusing on God. With no profanity, sexual discussions, or violent topics, the Christian-themed tutorial references the NIV, The Message, NASB, and English Standard versions of the Bible. After six divisions, there is a leader’s guide at the back of the book to aid in group use.

The book is technically designed as a six week Bible study, broken down by five days in the week. The author writes as if she is sitting across from you, sharing her thoughts and encouragement. With a lot of reflection of her own life, feelings, experiences, and knowledge, she correlates them to scriptural application.

Beginning the first week on discussing idols or functional gods, she discusses where they can be found in our lives, why we should deal with them, and how God perceives them.

The second week shows how idols allow us to drift away from God and how we need accountability so we do not fall into idolatry and become a casual Christian, instead of opening our hearts up to His scrutiny.

Weeks three and four offer suggestions to stop being self-important, infiltrated with busyness, and oblivious in what we watch and see, but to be more loving, concentrating more on God, our Source of security.

The fifth week reminds the reader to rejoice, walk in holiness, do not drift, trust in the right things, and keep humility in check. The last week is advice on how to stay idol-free in today’s world by being real, acting like God is watching, knowing the Bible, considering your heart, and celebrating renewed joy in Christ.

Except for occasionally going off topic about examples in the author’s personal life, this study guide hones in on a real relationship with Jesus and how to understand how idols easily creep into our lives, sometimes without our noticing. Through a constant open channel to God through prayer and consistent time in the Word, we can overcome succumbing to everyday idolatry.

This book was furnished by The CWA Review Crew in lieu of an unbiased review.

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