Author: Karen Kingsbury
Publisher: Howard Books
ISBN: 978-1-4516-4705-1

If for some reason he became crazy successful on Fifteen Minutes, that would be fine. God’s will. Because nothing – absolutely nothing – would ever get in the way of what he had here. The farm, his family. And the girl standing in front of him,” Karen Kingsbury writes about Zack in her novel, Fifteen Minutes.

This three hundred and eighty-four page hardbound book with a full-page photograph of the author on the back is targeted toward those interested a contemporary story about being true to one’s faith in God. With no profanity, overtly sexual scenes, or violence, its Christian theme includes a vague plan of eternal salvation. Beginning with five pages of accolades, two pages listing the author’s books, and six pages of acknowledgements, an excerpt of her upcoming tome is included at the end.

Zach Dylan has the ideal life praising God while living on his family’s one hundred acre horse farm in Kentucky. Even though the farm is failing financially and his sister is sick, he feels blessed being in love with Reese Weatherly, who also shares his passion for Jesus. And Zach can sing.

When the young man auditions for the reality singing television show, Fifteen Minutes, he promises God, Reese, and his family that he will never change his devotion, beliefs, and purpose in life.

Yet being instantly thrown into the spotlight, fame, fortune, and flirtation unconsciously find their way into his heart, forcing him to make decisions that could alter his future.

As the show’s three judges line up to evaluate, promote, and try to control the contestants, the obnoxious, sarcastic Cullen remains aloof while the Botox-enhanced aging Kelly questions keeping up her physical appearances and Chandra, a prior past winner, tries to somehow make a difference.

Meanwhile a clingy cheerleader contestant befriends Zach with questionable motives to the point that Reese must reevaluate her relationship with the new-found star that is becoming someone she no longer recognizes.

As several try to keep Zack on track both in the spotlight and in his personal life of relationships, the soon-to-be-famous singer must come to terms at what cost fame will take from him as it has others around him.

Focused on being a celebrity, getting attention, and controlling others, the story reiterates how easily one succumbs to the things in this world, allowing God to become secondary. With some repetition when the shows are aired on television, this tale gives a vivid glimpse behind the curtain of a highly orchestrated reality show.

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