Author: Murray Pura
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-7369-5288-0

We have come this far, and we are still together. We have lost some but not all, praise God. Not all. The Lord has granted us a future. I see it just there like I see the coastline of France,” Lord Preston declares in Murray Pura’s novel, Beneath the Dover Sky.

This three hundred and eighty-four page paperback book is targeted toward readers who enjoy romance and lengthy family sagas of nobility during the mid-nineteen twenties. Promoted as a Christian tome, there is no profanity or lewd scenes except for minor violence, adultery, and bigotry. With over forty characters, a helpful list and drawn map are included at the beginning of the book with an author biography, acknowledgements, and other written works promoted at the end of the book.

In this second of the Danforths of Lancashire series, the well-to-do family often leaves their lavish estate of Ashton Park to spend summers at their compound called Dover Sky in Southern England.

Continuing from the previous book, the seven children are now married or widowed and some have their own offspring as they spread throughout other countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Israel, and America. Yet nothing is perfect behind the protected manor that sometimes houses bitterness, anger, resentment, and a clinging to past relationships with some of its occupants.

While the widowed Catherine raises her son Sean, she coyly plays for two men’s hearts as she remains aloof and fickle. Kipp has dalliances with the forbidden Caroline even though he is married and has a child with his French wife, Christelle. Not to be outdone, the bigoted Edward acts politically correct as Robbie and his wife strive for peace in Jerusalem. Michael and Libby return from America with a child, and Ben and Victoria must make physical adjustments. Lord and Lady Danforth try to keep tabs on their growing brood as the lowly help gossip and observe the family’s ongoing rifts.

Through long-lost loves, heartaches, marriages, births, and deaths of the plethora of characters viewed by their letters, diary logs, and poems, the reader stays focused with the aide of repetition. The historical temperature during pre-World War II with the rise of Hitler and the lives of the wealthy are well-documented.

For readers who like complicated characters within family dynamics, Pura has left plenty of room for an ongoing saga of rich relatives in England that have common day problems as they look to God for guidance and help.

This book was furnished by Harvest House Publishers in lieu of an unbiased review.

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