Author: V.A. Boeholt
Illustrator: Nathaniel P. Jensen
Publisher: Five Star Publications
ISBN: 978-1-58985-206-8

It felt good helping Mr. Arbor and making the townspeople happy. With all of you believing in me, I was able to find my special purpose. You are true friends,” Firry thanks Burton and his animal friends in V.A. Boeholt’s children’s story, Burton and the Christmas Tree.

Book four of the Burton the Scarecrow, Friendship Tales from the Farm series, this letter-sized paperback book has thirty-eight pages and is targeted toward readers ages five to ten years old. With no profanity, scary scenes, or violence, it concentrates on learning to accept yourself and others. Illustrator Nathaniel P. Jensen’s full-page color, painted artworks are expressive and engaging.

In this tome, Firry the Douglas fir is arrogant and boastful being the tallest, straightest, flawless, and greenest tree on the Christmas farm and knows he will be picked to bring joy to others. When he is cut, wrapped, and tagged, he is put into the bottom of truck with piles of other trees tossed on top of him.

The truck has an accident and all the trees tumble out. With Firry’s top bent and the bottom half of his trunk broken off, he is discarded and left at the side of the road.  To his rescue come many animals and birds, taking the battered tree to Farmer Green’s farm where they know Burton the scarecrow will know what to do with him.

Burton and his friends fix Firry up and surprise the entire town when the tree becomes the town’s square special Christmas decoration. Firry is thankful to his friends for helping and making him feel first-rate and wanted again.

At the end of the book, there is a resource guide for teacher, parents, and librarians, along with the history of decorating Christmas trees, reading / listening tips, activity ideas, learning points, online information, and a helpful glossary. Also included are biographies of author, illustrator, and publisher with an order form.

This is a wonderful book in an educational series that teaches an individual’s importance, acceptance, friendship, and working as a team while explaining the process of Christmas tree cutting at the same time. It offers several learning options for the range of readers who can enjoy it over and over again.

This book was furnished by Five Star Publications in lieu of an unbiased review.

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