Author: V.A. Boeholt
Illustrator: Nathaniel P. Jensen
Publisher: Five Star Publications
ISBN: 978-1-58985-208-2

Mrs. Green and Farmer Green’s sister, May, couldn’t be here to plan for the celebration, so Farmer Green and his grandchildren are trying to do all the work,” Burton explains in V.A. Boeholt’s children’s story, Burton’s Harvest Party.

Book three of the Burton the Scarecrow, Friendship Tales from the Farm series, this letter-sized paperback book has thirty-six pages and is targeted toward readers ages five to ten years old. With no profanity, scary scenes, or violence, it concentrates on friendship and helping others. Illustrator Nathaniel P. Jensen’s full-page color, painted artworks are expressive and engaging.

Farmer Green is at a loss when his wife and sister are not available and his two grandchildren, Chelsea and Rod, visit and want to give a harvest party at the farm. Farmer Green agrees to the shindig, sending out invitations and preparing the barn by setting up equipment and putting out decorations of Burton and Ribbon, both scarecrows from the fields. He and his grandkids do all they can fix up the barn and head to bed, waiting anxiously for the party day.

When the barn door closes, Burton and Ribbon work together with excited and willing farm animals and decorate the entire barn, complete with lights, games, and quaint centerpieces.

The next morning the farmer and his two grandchildren head to town to pick up a big cake so they do not have a chance to see the alterations until seven o’clock that night when the party begins.

Everyone is thrilled and happy at the fun party with lots of food, games, and entertainment. Farmer Green thanks Burton and his friends for all their help and says they all can stay in his barn during the winter.

At the end of the book, there is a resource guide for teacher, parents, and librarians, along with the history of a harvest festival, reading / listening tips, activity ideas, learning points, online information, and a helpful glossary. Also included are biographies of author, illustrator, and publisher with an order form.

This is a wonderful book in an educational series that teaches friendship, service, encouragement to others, and working as a team while explaining harvest festivals at the same time. It offers several learning options for the range of readers who can enjoy it over and over again.

This book was furnished by Five Star Publications in lieu of an unbiased review.

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