Author: Grace Livingston Hill
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-62029-393-5

“They’ve gone on foot to take some medicine up the mountain the Farley house on the cliff, where there is a woman who will die if she doesn’t get it by six o’clock. They’ve been gone half an hour, and it is the longest half hour I ever lived through,” Daryl worries in Grace Livingston Hill’s novel, The Substitute Guest.

At two hundred and forty-nine pages, this paperback book is targeted toward readers who enjoy light romance, relationships, and learning about opposite lifestyles. With no profanity but mentioning of alcoholism, mature readers would enjoy its contents with quotes from the King James Version of the Bible. 

Born in the nineteenth century, Grace Livingston Hill wrote over one hundred novels and was considered the pioneer of Christian romance. In reading her tomes being republished, the reader is instantly transported back in time with descriptive, expressive, and detailed scenes.

In this story set in the late nineteen twenties in Eastern United States, Daryl Devereaux is a beautiful, wholesome woman with her parents and brother at a remote mountain cabin. The Christian family is preparing for Christmas Eve as mother and daughter bake favorite dishes while father and son cut down a nearby tree to decorate before a new storm approaches. Daryl anticipates the arrival of Harold, a man she has recently been captivated by his charm and supposed affluence.

Meanwhile when young city lawyer, Alan Monteith, delivers legal papers to his dear friend who is a physician, he willing offers to drop off needed medicine at a faraway house in the mountains en route to a Christmas party he plans to attend where he can speak more intimately to the lovely but controlling Demeter Cass.

As he drives up the mountain, he encounters the snow storm and his car breaks down in front of the Devereaux’s house. Knocking on the door, the close-knit family warmly greets him as he explains his dire situation. Daryl’s brother and he make the dangerous trek to deliver the medicine.

Upon returning, both Daryl and Alan must face their current romantic relationships as they steal glances at one another throughout several days being stuck inside. Will Daryl realize Harold’s true intentions and will Alan understand the manipulation of Demeter?

Although the book gets bogged down with repetition, especially of the two lovers’ questioning their decisions, the eternal plan of Biblical salvation is simple and easy to understand. This is a good book for homeschoolers or elderly who like old fashion, clean, and almost too-sweet romance.

This book was furnished by Barbour Publishing, Inc. in lieu of an unbiased review.

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