Author: Susan Call
Publisher: Guideposts
ISBN: 978-0-8249-3441-5

“I begged God not to let any of Joe’s plans take root. I prayed for complete protection of those to whom Joe wished ill will. And most of all, I prayed for Joe. Who had Joe become? I didn’t recognize this stranger,” Susan Call writes in her memoir, A Search for Purple Cows.

At two hundred and thirty-two pages, this paperback story of hope is targeted toward readers interested in one woman’s journey through and beyond a tumultuous marriage. With no profanity, there are discussions of infidelity along with mental, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse that may not be edifying for immature readers.

Susan Call writes of her own life growing up, pretending to have a perfect marriage, a perfect family, and a perfect home. Yet behind her boarded up walls of illusion, she was married to an abusive, manipulative, and controlling alcoholic husband.

For those looking at her life, she had it all: a self-confident, assured, charming husband, a cute five year old daughter and inquisitive four year old son, a golden retriever, a cute house in a respectable neighborhood, and a successful job climbing the corporate ladder.

Yet eight years into the presumably perfect picture, fine cracks in her marital foundation grew wider and wider when her husband, Joe, became more paranoid, more protective, and more abusive. As she clung to an idealized viewpoint of marriage, she continually swept his growing anger and alcoholism under the rug while she feared rejection and being alone.

Forced to make a choice to flee or stay, Call relates how God slowly showed her a way out of her heartbreaking experiences as she protected her children, family members, and friends from potential retribution of Joe’s wrath.

As she leaned more and more dependently on God for support, purpose, forgiveness, and faith, she changed courses in how she set boundaries deflecting her husband’s wrath, rage, and restrictions. Although it appears her prior husband is still alive, she divulges many sad personal events they shared as a couple.

As one realizes God is ultimately in control of our lives and knows our future, this book may be helpful for any woman facing an abusive marriage and how to look toward Christ’s grace and mercy to get through the dark days and find His light on the path to freedom.

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