Author: Alana Terry
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 978-1-484063446

“The Lord will lift you up on angels’ wings. God Almighty will himself provide you safe escort beyond prison walls, over rivers, even across borders of nations,” Chung-Cha is told by the Old Woman in Alana Terry’s novel, The Beloved Daughter.

At two hundred and twenty-six pages, this paperback book is targeted toward readers who want to know more about North Korea and its stance on dealing with Christianity. With no profanity, the book contains physical and sexual abuse, torture, and violence that may concern some immature readers. Using the New International Version of the Bible, this reader wishes all pronouns of Deity were capitalized for reverence.

In this tome, young Chung-Cha was almost thirteen years old when her parents and she were arrested in North Korea by the People’s Safety Agency for believing in Jesus Christ. As she witnessed her loving, faithful father shot as he preached and her mother renounce her religious beliefs, the young girl is sent to a prison camp in the North Hamyong Province.

Being tortured physically, emotionally, and spiritually for her connection to her proselytizing parent, she spends nine years of her life being beaten, ridiculed, and tortured by several agents and guards. With no communication between inmates, she reunites with her mother who is broken, empty, and ashamed. When Chung-Cha is sent to an underground detention, she meets a woman who changes her life, attitude, and faith.

Throughout the years of torment, she befriends few who either disappoint her by turning against her or aid in keeping her alive and giving her hope. As she suffers and sees those around her, both as prisoners and protectors, she has to decide what she truly believes about God.

As the story progresses from North Korea to China and back, the reader gets caught up in the rules, regulations, and cultural restrictions ordered by their “Dear Leader,” Kim Jong-II. As a young girl becoming a woman during such a life-changing time period, her survival mode is brought to the forefront as she realizes God has a reason and plan for her life.

For a debut Christian novel, the writer’s intensity, passion, and love spills through the pages written in first person by Chung-Cha. As the reader races to the abrupt ending, they will be thankful this is a new series, hoping Terry will tell the next tale of this young Christian believer’s life.

This book was furnished by The Book Club Network in lieu of an unbiased review.

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