Author: Paula K. Parker
Publisher: Authentic Media Limited
ISBN: 978-1-78078-050-4

“You’re right, Mary; there isn’t much difference between my veil and your mirror,” Martha tells her sister in Paula K. Parker’s novel, Sisters of Lazarus – Beauty Unveiled.

At two hundred and thirty-two pages, this paperback book is targeted toward mainly women who appreciate light romance blended with the Biblical story of a family during Jesus’s time. With no profanity, sex, or violence, teenagers to adults will enjoy the adapted historical story. This reader wishes all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence.

With both parents deceased, Lazarus is responsible for his older sister Martha and younger sister Mary as they live in Israel during the Roman era. The brother has his hands full with both siblings. Martha, scarred both emotionally and physically, pours her devotion and love into housework and cooking, convinced she will never be married. While Mary, beautiful yet vain, spoiled, and prideful, would rather barter at the village for a spice and attend to her well-appreciated looks.

Although Lazarus has promised he would never marry either sister unless the selection is approved, the controlling Uncle Joktan wants them married for family wealth or the continuing lineage. While both women seem opposite, they are insecure when it comes to love, romance, and relationships.

When their brother invites his old friend, Judas, for Passover dinner, the dynamics of the three family members change as they get to know Jesus and His disciples. Martha, who still grieves a long last love, must accept herself for who she is as Mary, who has taken a wager with a girlfriend to attract Jesus, is forced to soul-search her true motives. Both women must look inward to understand their beauty and stop hiding under a veil or looking into a mirror.

While in Bethany, Jerusalem and Capernaum, the family listens to Jesus giving the Beatitudes and explaining parables, while He heals the sick. Lazarus, Martha, and Mary begin to question the Old Testament law as they realize Jesus is their Messiah.

Stories taken from the Bible of Nicodemus, Judas Iscariot, Martha’s cooking, Mary’s alabastron of perfume, and Lazarus being raised from the dead are weaved within romance, Jewish traditions, and cultural ways of life.

With some reiteration and the reader knowing in advance the storyline based on the Bible, this tome gleans the atmosphere, attitude, and Biblical approach of historical events while two women face what it really means to be beautiful.

This book was furnished by Wordcrafts in lieu of an unbiased review.

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